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新年快乐 & Peace to all

#lifeisajourney ~ We may have our differences, but when it comes to family reunions, we come together as one in the family; valued, loved, and respected. Why accepting differences can be a challenge to us even as a family? Differences in characters Differences in thoughts Differences in ideas Differences in decisions making Differences in raising kids .... and many more

As long as we identify with what we think, we can’t easily admit that our ideas or thoughts were wrong, or it’d mean we were wrong as individuals. We’d most likely tend to find evidence that confirms our ideas, and thus, ourselves. Any other individual living by different ideas must then be .. "wrong".

(But our beliefs aren’t who we really are, to begin with) Our beliefs are learned and cultivated or influenced. I have learned along the way that ... When someone disagrees, it doesn’t mean WE are undervalued or put into question. (I know, we tend to feel attacked) Our attention is always focused on classifying, analyzing, and determining levels of wrongness rather than on what we and others need and are not getting…” (Marshall Rosenberg) As time passes and people mature ; people change, and priorities + beliefs may change too. The important thing to do is to constantly maintain self-awareness and reflection. We may disagree but at some point, we learn to agree to disagree. Cheers! Xin Nian Kuai Le & Peace to all! May the year of 2023 Rabbit brings you joy and purpose in life.

💜The Journey of an Empowered Mom.

HelenC - BeyondMOM I am a mompreneur and a certified trainer for Kids Public Speaking

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