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Colors Of Life.

Do you have a hobby? What do you do that you are passionate about?

I took on a skill to make handmade soap some years back because I was curious how I can make my kids' bath experiences less toxic, as I was getting those heavy ladened chemical bath products from the stores. My son especially, who has extremely sensitive skin. That curiosity turned to a hobby and to a passion business as well. I even run workshops for soap making few years back to equip more people with simple skills to make their own soaps from home. One of my most meaningful classes of soap making was when I took on a little project to teach some children from the Orang Asli Home. They wanted to learn how to make soaps to sell as a form of self sustainable income and they have huge supply of goat's milk from their farm. So I thought, why not and I did. One of my best soaping memories when I can make a difference in their lives by sharing what I know.

I soap for the love of it and it has become part of my life for close to 6 years now. Sharing with you, my 3 Colors of Life in my soaping journey.

Lavender soap is Courage - I wish you COURAGE to go beyond your comfort box

Geranium Turmeric soap is Love - I wish you LOVE in everything that you do as you journey through life

Serai (lemongrass) soap is Humility - I wish you HUMILITY to shine the brightest light for someone. Among the 3 Colors of Life, which is your favourite? Which will you choose - Courage, Love or Humility?

Or All 3

Catch up again soon. Love from me, BeyondMom... HelenC #lifeisajourney

Connect further with me and a group of empowered women community in our Private Facebook Group. It is a safe space to encourage and lift each other up building friendship and empower you to find your WINGS.


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