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I'm scared to start my own business

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

“I'm scared to start my own business" "I don't know if enough people would be interested in buying this product or taking on my service” Or “I'd like to start a business but I’m not good at selling.” Or Even “I’d like to start a small business but I don’t know if I could make enough money to live on.”

Do you have any of these running in your head when you are seeking and searching for business opportunities?

You can never decide which to go for and you keep looking around, bouncing from one webinar to another, over months or maybe years, hoping to find one that gives you the perfect fit.

Let me tell you a secret .... . .

You won't find a perfect fit, at least not at the starting point.

No successful entrepreneurs started with a business that was a perfect fit from the beginning. Success is a journey and a nurturing process.

Time to face the demon.... > your obstacle.

The obstacle to starting a small business or any business is not actually about products or selling or moneyit's the fear of failure.

The fear of not being able to do it. The fear of stepping out to do something different.

Did I speak what's in your heart?

I have been there too, that's why I know.

One piece of advice for you.

"Take pride in giving yourself a chance to find out" Will you succeed or will you fail?

I don't know.

You won't know either.......... until you walk on the path. Until you work on your business.

Both success and failure are essential for growth in life.

Staying in your comfort zone or keep waiting for the right moment, or waiting for the success-guaranteed business is the killer of your wisdom and growth.

Take that one step forward....

If you don't do it, no one is going to take that step for you.

Click here and watch before you leave.

Imagine I didn't take that first step, 3 year ago, to start my online education business. I was fearful and I had no idea if it works for me or not but I took that step forward for myself. STOP WORRYING ABOUT WHAT YOU HAVE TO LOSE AND START FOCUSING ON WHAT YOU HAVE TO GAIN. Find out How To Start a Home-Based Online Education Biz even without prior experience or business connections. Click here to get your free access to my webinar. Cheers! Stay blessed.

HelenC - BeyondMOM A Homemaker Turns Mompreneur with a business from home.

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