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Can you relate to this?

Strong woman makes mistake, gets hurt, fails and falls, many times. A strong woman is not fearless. She’s full of all kinds of fears. She acknowledges her fears but she will not let them determine her decisions. Though it gets the best of her at times, she chooses to persevere. She shows up for the things that matter. And yes this is you and I, strong women.

Over this year.... I have failed as a mom, I got back up to learn to be a better mom because I love my kids and they are the main reasons i continue to be strong. I have failed as a wife, I got back up because marriage is not a bed of roses, but i will continue to grow more roses in it. I have failed as a daughter, I got back up because my parents deserve much more and I don't have forever with them. I only have now. I have failed as a woman for myself, I got back up because I am human and I am not perfect. I am allowed to fail and fall. What is important, I choose to bounce back stronger, better and wiser. I continue putting one foot in front of the other and move forward. Continue to have growth mindset and not get sucked into self pity. Life is a journey, make it count and not be defeated at every fall you encounter.


Stay blessed and keep moving forward even in the smallest steps. Find a circle of people with the right energy and direction to move stronger and brighter with you. Get more values at our Facebook Women Community Group and let's WIN in life together. Click the purple heart and it will lead you to us.

I am sending you all the positive vibes, strong woman . Receive it by replying my email with the word ... WIN. Catch you soon.

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