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So shut up and listen!

Opportunities don’t knock, they whisper. So shut up and listen!

Many times we can race🏃🏃‍♂️🏃🏻‍♀️ through our lives, thinking that opportunity will smack us in the face when the time🕛 is right. Sometimes they don't knock, you have to be completely silent 〰️in order to hear it!

In order to seize opportunity, you must first recognise it. If you are looking for opportunity in only one shape or form, then it's gonna be tough. You will miss the real ones that passed you by..... Open up, Opportunity⚡ has something to whisper to you. Once you've found one, don't be afraid to ⏩go for it! here 👇 Take your first step here to empower education with me WhatsApp ➡️ #helenc #educationmatters #onlinelearning #digitalbusiness #5daysEmpowerNBuild #day3 More @ HelenC

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