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Stop Hearing, Start Listening

“Hearing is through the ears, listening is through the heart” Do you agree?

Listening allows us to be better team members, better leaders, and better individual contributors.

Listening is one of the most important skills you can have.

How well you listen has a big impact on your job effectiveness, on your mentorship engagement, and on the quality of relationships with others.

By becoming a better listener, you can speed up your learning curve, improve productivity, as well as your ability to influence and negotiate with others. 3 STEPS to The Art Of Listening

1) Practice active listening

Hearing is a passive action, but really listening is active. Make eye contact with the person speaking and show you’re paying attention and interested in what they’re saying. To avoid making the other person feel like they’re talking to a wall, make sure you’re acknowledging what they’re saying.

There are a few ways to do so: you can just nod your head or say ‘uh huh’. Of course, that doesn’t mean necessarily that you agree with them. Active listening turns a conversation into a collaboration, not just a one-way street.

2) Try to apply and understand Shift your mindset to try to find value in what each person says. When you listen to understand, you start to see things from their point of view and can have your horizons expanded. 3) Focus on more than just your response Many of us fall into the trap of focusing on what we’re going to say next instead of actually listening to the person speaking. If you need to respond to something, set those thoughts aside and focus on just listening to the speaker. Then take a few minutes after the conversation to gather your thoughts and craft a response.

Hearing is the ability to look deeper than words and catch the inner meaning. Catch you soon! Love

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