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Strong Woman.... Yes YOU!

Have you heard of this phrase: “STRONG WOMEN LIFT EACH OTHER UP” It doesn’t mean you need to be strong, only you can lift other’s up.


I just wanna to share with you, a happy moment I had last night. I met up with Cassandra from Singapore.

How we connected? Well, let’s just put it this way….

One thing for sure, it was the power of internet that we found each other. Then, the stars aligned & our paths crossed. We believe in our calling and we attract what we believe. This was how we ended up in each other’s zoom. We speak the same language which is ....“Women Empowerment”. Had a good 40 mins getting to know each other, sharing our journey and keeping an open door to see how we can collaborate in future. I have friends telling me, “Helen, women empowerment sounds like a huge thing you all are doing for us women.” Women Empowerment is huge and wide but the very first step to empowerment is knowing how to love self. It starts from each of us. You can’t pour from an empty cup. Can you? Today, I would like you to give some thoughts and shift your words to yourself and say ... “I am important” (say it out loud) Wrap yourself up with more self-love, yes! you heard me right. Self-love Learn to love and pamper yourself more, something many of us chose to neglect. By nature, we as women (speaking in a mom’s shoes) always, always ….always…., put others first and leave the back seat for ourselves. Am I right? Some of us do not know how to love ourselves. It is true. It is very simple ..... How to love yourself is How you love others. Take some time each day to shift the focus back to you. Do something for yourself that makes your heart sing. When your cup is filled, love on…. Connect with us and let us help each other to fill our cups. Join our exclusive all-women Facebook Group

Cheers...catch you soon Helen ~ #lifeisajourney BeyondMom

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