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What Makes Your Heart Full? 💜

My once upon a time little bubbly boy, graduated from High School today...Yayyy! Yes, this made my heart full. A mixed emotion for me. I am feeling proud and accomplished as a mom. 17 years! 17 amazing years of joy and tears raising my youngest. One whom I almost lost at birth because we couldn't trace his strong heartbeat due to the the umbilical cord that caught his neck. I remembered asking my gynae back then "What happens if we were late to get him out?" His reply was "I'm unable give you an answer for this. I would say, it could have been a Touch and Go situation" Amen to God's protection.


I am already missing the things I wont be doing with him, now that he is finally done with daily school life. It's something full-time stay-home moms find it tough to adapt and accept. A feeling of hollow.

From a super lovable cute and bubbly boy to a matured young man, with a mind and opinion of his own and rebellious to a certain extend. Loving all of him simply because he is my son. Nothing he needs to do to change this.

So what makes your heart full? The only time I should look back is to see how far I have come, all the moments as a mom that made my heart full and I really need to give myself a pat on my back. 22 years with my daughter and 17 years with this boy. Looking forward to new paths ahead and continue in this journey with gratitude and love. Until my next...

Love, 💜 HelenC (beyondmom)

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