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🎀When I had nothing but a tiny seed of faith .......

I came across this picture on my social media recently. It was a memory, of 3 years ago when I just started my online business journey.

3 years ago.... 
A stay-home mom stepped out to see what's out there, outside her walls at home and into the digital world. 

There was nothing fancy, just me then - no income, no results, no achievements, no team, knowledge not nurtured and skills not polished. Fast forward to today, I have co-founded a community of women entrepreneurs called WIN Women In Networking. I have my beautiful business partners who are now my circle of friends, I am growing myself, learning from great mentors, and making a difference through this online business by empowering women and children in education. I am now a mompreneur, mentor, trainer, and teacher. At the same time, I am blessed with income$💰 to warm my pocket, even staying home.

Do you have the faith to do what your heart calls you to do even if you don't see the whole stairs? Life is a series of journeys ..... Every new journey starts with a single step and a single decision. You are in charge of creating the little inspiring stories of your life by building the steps of your stairs 🎀When I had nothing but a tiny seed of faith ..... Holding on to that seed, I gave myself a chance to grow 🌱 and created my little inspiring stories. Come check out what we do at Women In Networking. Cheers and stay blessed.

HelenC - BeyondMOM A Homemaker Turns Mompreneur with a business from home.

Find out how, over here

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