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Your kids will always love you!

#lifeisajourney ~ Parenting is one of the most rewarding and challenging journey.

It’s a long journey that requires courage, determination, and patience, with the ability to "shut our mouths and sometimes eyes" and just let them grow. The point of parenting isn’t to have all the answers when we became one but rather, to figure it out on the go as our children grow, because as they do, so will we parents.


  • Strive to be loving and kind.

  • You do not always have to be right.

  • Have the courage to ask for help ; It is not a sign of weakness or that you are a lousy parent.

  • Take a break when you need it. Your cup will run dry. Fill it to continue again.

  • Celebrate all the great stuff, the small stuff is equally important.

  • Be kind to yourself, and

  • BE YOURSELF but grow each day. Be better versions of yourself each step of the way. Your kids will always love you!

By loving our children for more than their abilities, we show them that they are much MORE.... than the sum of their accomplishments. (Eileen Kennedy-Moore) Cheers & Peace to all! May your days be joyful and purposeful.

💜The Journey of an Empowered Mom - she falls, she cries, she fails but she loves her kids more than life.

HelenC - BeyondMOM I am a mompreneur and a certified trainer for Kids Public Speaking

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