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And make money while still be an awesome mom

Earn as you learn.

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We've been conditioned in school that we need to learn well in order to earn well.

You know what? It's true. Partially.

Learning is needed and knowledge is important.

However, in a business journey, you do not need to have a head full of knowledge first before you could start earning.

20 years ago, I left my cushy corporate job to take care of my children. Full time.

While raising my children was extremely fulfilling, doing business gives me a different kind of buzz and excitement.


I started without business experience and minimal digital skills. Having the right support where I get to learn, unlearn and relearn, I get to upgrade my skills and earn an income as well.  At the same time I help other women build their own business too.

Fast forward 3 years, I've conducted live webinars, hosted training, run ads, recorded my own videos, have my own YouTube channel, write emails and most recently started a podcast!


Not too shabby for a "stay-at-home" mom, eh?

All these were made possible because I started this business journey.

You can too.

Why starting a business is important.
Especially now.

  • Create an additional source of income as protection against disruptions to current income sources.

  • Build a business that you can call your own.

  • Elevate yourself above the challenges of inflation and rising prices.

  • Be a role model to your children as they grow into an independent and self-sufficient individual.

This is me, Helen

Reach a wide audience. From home.

Wide audience
  • The pandemic has shown that business can run without the need for a store front or office.

  • That work can still be done from the confines of the home.

  • Which means, you can also start your own business from home. It has been proven possible.

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7 steps to become a respectable and successful home based entrepreneur

Helen at work

Hi I'm Helen,
a mom, entrepreneur, mentor, and teacher.
I help moms
start a business from home

20 years ago, I left the corporate world to be a full time stay-at-home mom. While it was a fulfilling experience being present while my kids grow up, I always knew I was meant to be MORE.

3 years ago, I decided to challenge myself to start a business from home in the education field without any prior experience or business network.

I have since helped thousands of students throughout Malaysia to learn better through this online system and mentored more than 200 other women to realise their dreams and gain financial independence.

In this business journey, I have co-founded WIN Women In Networking, a community of like-minded entrepreneurs. WIN comprises women from all walks of life who are very positive and supportive of each other.


Listen to my podcast

How I can help you in three steps.

Children education platform

Start with an in-demand product -  children's online learning platform.

WIN training

Level up your business skills with our guided training and mentorships.

WIN women community

You are not alone. There's a community of women entrepreneurs for support.

Is this another one of those online business course?

No, it is not. I'm inviting you to join me on a journey to start your own business. And in the process of doing so, you'll be exposed to every aspect of building a business from marketing, branding yourself and much more.

Is this for me?


I get it that you are skeptical and maybe even questioning yourself whether you have what it takes to start a business because you have never done something like this before.


I mean, if we can raise a family from ground up, what's stopping us from starting a business especially when you will be equipped with a proven business model and a thriving market?

These moms had the same thoughts and feelings too...until they discovered their inner super powers.

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Connecting My Dots on Social Media

Life's a journey (My blog)

Are you ready for transformation?

Webinar Link
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Discovering more about me, the business and the power of a women's community in this LIVE webinar that I am hosting.


A 90-mins that could change your life and ambitions forever. 

I want to be a mompreneur.
Sign me up for this webinar!

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