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Love Them, Teach Them

I recalled my 2 Japanese girls (siblings 4 and 6 yo) who came for English Literacy class but joined our 4-hour preschool sessions daily. . I asked myself "how on earth am I going to teach them when they can't understand me and I can't understand them??" . 4 hours Mon to Fri - I kinda went blank with lessons plan for them and getting them blended into my existing preschoolers. . I'm the type who believes in delivering what I do. When I can't deliver it makes me feel unproductive and I'm not doing the child any good. . .....So... Learn2Teach + Teach2Learn were activated in me. . Fast forward 5 months- They have left and transitted to primary international school. . The conclusion: (their mom): "I'm totally impressed with their English now. I didn't expect they could learn so much in such a short period. Emily is speaking English at home too" . It was not entirely her mom's remarks that got me feeling that I have achieved my goal. . It was moments like these.. "The girls asked for me when I was away for some days due to emergency matters, and the older sibling cried on her last day, hugging me" . #lifeisajourney - the journey matters if you put your heart to love them first before you teach. (parents and teachers) Love, HelenC #helenc #helenconnect #beyondmom #WIN #lifeisajourney #educationmatters Journey of an Empowered Mom

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